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The Olympic Park in Munich – German Course. The Olympiapark was constructed on an area of more than 800,000 sqm for the purpose of the Olympic games in 1972 in Munich. It hosted more than 6,000 students and belongs to the most popular tourist attractions in Munich. The Olympiapark was built on Oberwiesenfeld in 1972 in the districts of Milbertshofen, Neuhausen-Nymphenburg and Schwabing. Now it can be reached via subway line U3. There had been an old airport before, under the name Munich-Oberwiesenfeld, which was completely destroyed during World War II. After the decision that the 1972 Olympic games will be held in Munich, the facilities were expanded.

Sport and spare time

The Olympiapark provides almost unlimited possibilities to spend a beautiful, quiet or athletic day. It is recommended to go for a walk near the Olympia lake or even go sledding in winter. There are also regular activities such as festivals and concerts.

The Olympiapark is especially attractive for athletes, because almost every sort of sport is possible there. You may go jogging in the park, go swimming in the swimming hall, go boating on the lake, or play indoor football. Everyone can find their preferred activity here because sports and other spare time activities are suitable for every age group.

Relax in the swimming hall

Those who are exhausted after sports and look forward to relaxing should visit the indoor swimming hall. You will have access to big saunas, which is good for your health. You may also relax on the lawns or join recovery courses. Just feel like in paradise.

Munich at night

Go to the top of the 290-meter-high Olympia tower by elevator and enjoy the view of the Alps at sunset. It is also possible to enjoy a delicious dinner in the Olympia restaurant with a fantastic view of Munich at night.

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