German Courses with Accommodation in Munich

German Intensive Course with Accommodation

Length of Course:
Four weeks, with 20 teaching hours per week. Lessons take place every day from Monday to Friday at the following times: 09:00 – 12:00.

Prices: (German Courses with Accommodation only bookable for four weeks or more)

Do you need somewhere to stay while attending your German course?

German Courses with Accommodation in Munich

We will happily help you to find asuitable accommodation in a guest family for the duration of your German course.

We have a list of trusted contacts who can offer you a suitable place to live with a host family. There are several options for accommodation in Munich. Book your German course with accommodation in Munich now!

Across the whole Germany more and more students are starting to study. According to statistics, 67500 new students started universities in Bavaria in the winter semester 2013/2014. This is an increase of 5.5% across the whole state. More so than anywhere else, Munich is incredibly popular.
The big problem is that Munich is becoming an extremely popular place to study but the accommodation opportunities aren’t growing to meet demand. There are tens of people applying to each advert and unfortunately waiting times of 4 semesters are too common.

The search for a shared-flat is not easy in Munich and it is particularly difficult for men. The stereotype is that they are messier and less reliable. However, if you do want to find a good shared-flat in Munich, here are a few helpful tips.

Interesting websites for accommodations in Munich: 

You should start looking for accommodation in plenty of time as properties in Munich get snapped up very quickly. You should also decide how and where you want to live. In Munich there are the following options:

  • There are dormitories available for students and trainees. For these rooms there are long waiting lists, so you should really start your search as soon as possible. The wait can be as long as four semesters before students finally get a room.
  • Short term furnished flats can also be a solution for those who are only in Munich for a short time (such as interns).
  • Flat shares in Munich are still the simplest and most cost effective option. There are many well-known websites for finding a flat share. usually has the most listings and is the easiest to use. These sites are very popular, so once again you should search as quickly as possible if you want to find a flat. The downside is that many of the people offering flats don’t reply to every message they receive. For this reason you need to be persistent and keep your eye on several properties at the same time!
  • A look in the local paper can also be useful. Because so many people use the internet instead, you are far more likely to receive a reply from an advertisement in a newspaper. There are usually less people fighting over these rooms, however the choice of rooms is also reduced.

Nymphenburg – In the area of the beautiful Nymphenburg Palace, prices can be royally high. Monthly rent of 18-28€ per square meter is the norm.

Lehel – This district has its own, village-like charm. The rent of 15-20€ per square meter is affordable for many.

Englshalking – This area was incorporated into Munich in 1930 and it is now one of the top places to live in Munich. Here you would pay around 18€ per square meter.

Schwabing – If you want to live directly next to the English Gardens, you need to pay around 15-21€ per square meter.

Bogenhausen – Those who want to live near the Maximiliansanlagen would need to pay a hefty rent of up to 28€ per square meter of living space.

Maxvorstadt – One of the most beautiful streets in this area is Richard-Wagner-Straße, and here you can rent for the relatively cheap price of 20€ per square meter.

Altstadt – The idea of living near the cathedral and Frauenplatz might be appealing, but the eye-watering rent of up to 35€ per square meter is not.

Harlaching – A living quarter in the south, somewhat away from the city centre. Here, you can rent for a little as 15-20€ per square meter.

Ludwigsvorstadt – Near to where the Oktoberfest takes place each year you will also find a few flats to rent. Normally you can expect to pay 19€ per square meter if you wanted to live here.

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