telc German exams in Munich A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 – dates & prices

Deutsch-telc exams in Munich for language levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2. You can find out how to register in our telc test center for language tests. You will also receive all information about the prices and dates of the telc exams in Munich.

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telc Deutsch exams – exam dates, information, prices, certificate and registration

The Sprachschule Aktiv is a licensed telc examination center located in Munich.

Do you need proof of proficiency in the German language for private or professional purposes, or as an authorization for admission to a university in Germany? At Sprachschule Aktiv you can take telc exams for German in Munich from A1 up to and including C2, as we are an officially recognized and approved Telc examination center. The language exams for nurses and medical professionals at level B2 / C1 and C1 for the university are also taken at our German language school. In order to optimally prepare you for the exam, we also offer exam preparation courses in which you are familiarized with the procedures and requirements of the respective telc test.


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Do You Have Questions? What options do you have with a telc certificate?

telc exam in Munich – exam center, dates and registration

The telc tests are exams that follow a standardized procedure and are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The abbreviation telc stands for The European Language Certificates, in German “Die Europäische Sprachzertifikate”. Telc gGmbH is the author of the telc tests. This works in cooperation with the government of the Federal Republic of Germany. The results are therefore also proof of the knowledge of the German language after integration courses, and of the receipt of a corresponding residence permit. The conference of university rectors and ministers of education has also issued telc certificates, e.g. for German C1 Hochschule found to be sufficient as proof of the ability to study for foreign students. For medical staff from abroad, the telc technical language exams for German nursing or German medicine are accepted when applying for professional recognition.

telc German exams in Munich - Germany

Is telc Deutsch officially recognized? – Extra note on the requirements of the universities in Munich

As a rule, Munich universities such as the TUM Technical University or the Ludwigs-Maximilians-Universität LMU accept the C1 Hochschule exam from telc. However, the requirements of individual institutes may differ. Therefore, as a precaution, please inquire again about the course you are aiming for!

telc exam preparation for German – What can be expected in the telc tests?

The telc tests for the respective levels usually consist of 3-part reading comprehension and a language module in which grammatical knowledge is examined. The telc test also includes listening comprehension with appropriate questions about the audio text. In the next section, the participants show their skills in the areas of vocabulary, sentence structure and spelling in writing. Before the oral section, you have 20 minutes to prepare for this part of the test and you are allowed to write down key points. It usually starts with a small round of introductions. Then the examinees give a short presentation on a topic and answer questions on various aspects of the content of their presentation. The total test length depends on the respective learning level and takes between 1.5 and just under 4 hours.

How do you benefit from a telc exam preparation course?

In the telc exam preparation courses, your native-speaking German teacher and experienced telc examiner will inform you how to best approach the tasks and how to organize the time optimally. In the exam preparation courses, model tests of the respective course level are discussed in detail in the classroom. Through this structured and transparent introduction, the participants familiarize themselves with the telc test. They then go through the test sections in real time. At the end you will receive an explanatory correction and recommendations as to how you can optimize your result.

What are the conditions for the telc German exam in Munich?

In the following you will find an overview of all conditions for the telc German exam from A1, A2, B1, B2, telc German B2 / C1 medicine, C1 university and C2.

  • The tests take place once a month on a Saturday.
  • We organize the telc German Medicine exam on levels B2 and C1 on request. External registrations are also very welcome for these tests.
  •  The registration period expires one week before the exam.
  • You will receive your results about four to six weeks after taking the telc exam.
  • Please bring your passport or ID with you to the exam.
  •  You may not use any materials such as a dictionary.
  •  You have the option to repeat the test as often as you desire.

You can find additional information about the telc exam German and the preparatory courses here:

Dates and costs of the German telc test at Sprachschule Aktiv Munich

If you have completed a German or a preparatory course at our Sprachschule Aktiv Munich or one of our Sprachschule Aktiv partners in the six months before the telc exam, you will benefit from the low-cost internal rate.

Please pay the fee for the telc test by the registration deadline for your respective course level – the costs for an exam preparation course on the first day of the course.

If you fall ill on the day of the exam, we will require a doctor’s note and charge a cancellation fee of € 80.00.

Any questions? Please write us an email:

telc exam dates 2024

Deutsch A1/Start Deutsch 185 €105 €9:00 Uhr20.01.2024
Deutsch B1/Zertifikat Deutsch180 €220 €9:00 Uhr27.01.2024
Deutsch B2180 €220 €9:00 Uhr27.01.2024
Deutsch C1190 €220 €9:00 Uhr16.03.2024
Deutsch C1 Hochschule220 €220 €9:00 Uhr16.03.2024
Anmeldegebühr15 €15 €

FAQ about the telc exams

When, where, how and what do the telc exams cost? Here you get an overview of frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the procedure, the correction time and the requirements of the tests. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to help.

Procedure and timing of the telc exams

The telc exams are generally divided into two parts. In the first section you work on the written assignments. This includes reading comprehension, listening comprehension and written expression. Depending on the level of the exam, this section takes about 3 hours. The test subjects are then given a break of 20 minutes. In the second part you will take the oral exam. You have 20 minutes to prepare and are then usually tested together with two other German learners. Between 15 and 20 minutes are scheduled for the verbal test section.

What resources do you need to have with you for the exam?

You must be able to identify yourself with a passport or an identity card. You should also bring a soft pencil and an eraser with you.

How long do you have to wait for the result of the telc exam?

Typically, you will receive your test result 6 weeks after you take the exam. Depending on the order situation, the result can also be communicated earlier. We will inform you as soon as possible.

What happens if you fail the exam?

The telc exams can be repeated without any restrictions, but the participant is required to pay for the registration and costs for each additional attempt.

Registration for the telc exam in Munich – What are the registration requirements?

You should of course have reached the respective level. Otherwise, you can register for any exam date, providing the respective exam center has a sufficient number of minimum registrations of two to three participants. More information about exam dates and registration can be found here!

Is an exam preparation course for the telc test compulsory?

No, you can also take the telc tests without any preparatory lessons. However, based on many years of experience, we recommend that you book an exam preparation course of 1 to 4 weeks – depending on your German language skills. The lessons will assist you, under the professional guidance of your teacher, to familiarize yourself in detail with the tasks, the time management and the optimal solutions.