Insurance for your German Course in Munich

Insurance for your German Course in Munich. Your plan is as follows: Learn German in Munich. It sounds pretty exciting. You will get started with your lessons, meet lots of inspiring and motivated people and visit lots of fascinating places. It isn’t just about learning German – living in Munich will really broaden your horizon and you can immerse yourself in the city. There is one important thing before you jump: make sure you have a safety net!

Which insurance is right for me?

Insurance policies primarily exist to prevent us from financial ruin. Therefore it is very important to consider what kind of insurance you need. If your luggage goes missing during your travels it can be really painful, but with a Kleidung und Co (Clothes and Co) policy, it can all be replaced quickly. Insurance for your baggage is perhaps less important than insurance for unforeseen damages. You should ask yourself: How many risks am I willing to take? Then make your decision. Once these risks are taken care of, you can guarantee that learning German in Munich will be a relaxing experience.

Health insurance is a must!

Regular trips to the doctor might only incur small bills, but the cost quickly adds up if you have to visit the doctor often or if you are hospitalized. You can avoid these costs by making sure you have adequate medical insurance.

If you have already purchased a travel insurance policy in your home country, make sure you check its validity and what exactly is covered. Perhaps you will enjoy your German course so much that you might want to spontaneously extend your trip? If so, you might have to purchase a new insurance policy. Make sure you enquire about this in good time to ensure a smooth transition between insurance policies. If you are an EU-Citizen, this is far easier for you: Your health insurance is also valid abroad anywhere in Europe (assuming you are not moving their permanently).

To avoid unexpected bills…

…you will certainly need liability insurance. Imagine that you cause an accident which causes injury to another person so you have to pay for their rehabilitation. That can get very expensive very quickly. Before you decide on liability insurance in Germany, check whether your insurance provider at home covers accidental damage during your stay abroad.

Even more insurance?

There is of course even more insurance policies which have a lot of advantages. It is crucial to decide how long you plan to learn German in Munich. If you are only here for a few months or one year, it makes little sense to think about a pension. Also home contents insurance is only really important if you are planning to stay for a long time and, for example, purchase a lot of furniture. Vehicle insurance is compulsory if you want to drive your own car.

Disability insurance and accident insurance are usually long term investments which are usually better to sort in your home country.

Do you want to learn German? Sprachschule Aktiv in Munich is the first place you should go to! With us, you will reach your goal quickly, with guaranteed low prices and more fun! To find out more about our current German course offers, get in touch by telephone on 00-49-89-20062435 or by email at

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