German Conversation and Grammar Courses in Munich

Improve Your Conversational Skills and Grammatical Understanding with Sprachschule Aktiv!

Practicing is the best way for you to improve any skill, especially when it comes to languages! Our intensive Conversation Classes at Sprachschule Aktiv are designed to help you build on your basic foundation of German (at least A2 level) by improving your confidence and proficiency in speaking! Courses take place either in the morning or in the evening and are taught in small groups so that everyone gets an opportunity to participate actively in the lesson.

German Intensive Course in Munich – Start Dates 2023

Monday, 08.01Monday, 05.02Monday, 04.03
*Tuesday, 02.04*Monday, 29.04*Monday, 27.05
Monday, 01.07Monday, 05.08Monday, 02.09
*Monday, 30.09*Monday, 28.10*Monday, 25.11
From Monday to Friday
from Monday to Thursday
from 9:00 am to 12:00 am

Boost your confidence while speaking German!

Some people might feel apprehensive or shy about speaking a foreign language with natives. At Sprachschule Aktiv, we aim to get rid of those fears! Our Conversation Classes are taught by friendly, qualified native speakers who will be able to assist you on your language learning journey. Having a strong sense and grip on the language, gives you the student an authentic and practical understanding of the German language and culture. Our teachers use a mixture of role plays, dialogues, and presentations to encourage participants to speak more and engage them in improving their German speaking abilities. A variety of different situations will be discussed and practiced in order to give participants a diverse, well-rounded knowledge.

Learning the Ropes of German Grammar!

Foreigners often times have hesitations towards learning German grammar. The article changes, unfamiliar accent marks, and the pronunciation can be tricky at first. Our native speaking teachers are able to guide you through the most confusing aspects of the German language. This is in order to help you building longer and more complex sentences, as well as improving your listening and comprehension skills. Writing and reading, as well as some helpful tips and tricks, will help you understand and conquer the notorious German grammar.

Speak better, more authentic German with our native-speaking teachers

Our native speaking teachers can help you improve every aspect of your spoken German in a way that no non-native speaker or book could. With Sprachschule Aktiv you can learn correct pronunciation and everyday words and phrases which are used by actual Germans. After the lesson is finished, you can go out into the city of Munich and put what you have learned into practice!

No exams!

At Sprachschule Aktiv, we want to help you improve your German language in a natural and interactive way. Although our teaching methods do include textbooks and assignments, this isn’t school. We want our students to feel comfortable and relaxed while learning German. For this reason, our courses are completely flexible. If there is a particular topic or theme that you would like to cover, simply let your teacher know! They will do their best to fulfill your wishes and always have something interesting going on in our classes. At the end of each course, every participant receives a certificate, confirming which language level they have reached. All of our courses are run in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. These certificates are acknowledged all over Europe. Learn the German that you want to learn and that you will need to use and know in the real world.

Keep learning outside the classroom

At Sprachschule Aktiv, we offer more than just language courses. We offer a range of activities for students to experience outside of the classroom. We like to encourage all students to join us. It serves as great practice in order to transfer what they have learned in the classroom to the real world. Munich is on of the best places to speak German! It is the Bavarian capital and has so much to offer! You can use your improved German conversation skills by chatting with the locals at the famous Oktoberfest or to buy some train tickets for a trip to the Alps.

German Conversation Classes are the perfect way to improve your German, increase your confidence, and tackle that tricky German grammar! New courses are starting all the time, so get in touch now to improve your German with Sprachschule Aktiv!


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Learning a new language can seem like a daunting prospect, but don’t let it be. At Sprachschule Aktiv, we aim to teach you a practical understanding and use of the German language in just four short weeks!