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German courses in Munich – learn German in Munich- The best language school in Munich

German courses in Munich from € 319 (4 weeks of daily lessons). Learn German in Munich with our free trial lesson. Best language school in Munich with a money-back guarantee!
We can offer you German courses in Munich in the morning, afternoon or evening: German intensive courses, private lessons, evening courses, preparation courses for telc or TestDaF, all German courses available with a visa and accommodation. Group courses, German exams, language courses available for companies or individual lessons.

German courses in Munich for beginners and advanced. In our language school in Munich you learn German in small groups with a maximum of 12 participants.
Our German language school “Sprachschule Aktiv” is your specialist for the German language. You will find all relevant information further below – choose the course that fits your personal needs! Along with the German classes covering all levels from A1 to C2, you will get the opportunity to book a room or a flat. Take a look at the price list – learning German should not be expensive, after all.

German course in Munich for beginners and advanced

You may choose between three types of classes: Intensive, evening classes, and private tutoring.

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Our German Courses

German Course in Germany

Our German courses in Munich
Overview of our German courses

Semi Intensiv German course

Intensiv German course
Intensiv German course in Munich

Private German course in Munich

Private German course
Private German course in Munich

Intensiv German course

Semi Intensiv German courses
Semi-Intensiv German course in Munich

Group German course in Munich

Group German course
Group German course in Munich

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Types of German Courses for A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2

Start dates, course information and prices

Intensive German Courses in Munich

Intensive courses are available for beginners as well as advanced students. You choose! The courses take place in the morning or in the evening – according to your schedule and other plans for your stay in Munich. More information about Intensive Course and Semi-Intensive.

German Courses in Munich (A1-C2) – Learn German in Munich – Language school

Evening German Courses

Our evening classes are offered once or twice a week. Our intensive courses cover a period of between one week and four weeks, in accordance with your level and your personal aims.

In some cases, private tutoring may be the best choice if you want to learn really fast. You can find more information here!

German Private ,Instruction in Munich

We would recommend you to book private tutoring if you want a flexible timetable and an individual approach. You can find more information here!

German Language School in Munich – Fantastic Location!

We are also happy to provide all kinds of brochures, leaflets on the beautuful city of Munich. Since our language school is situated right in the heart of Munich, you will find it easy to reach all tose famous or fun places Munich is renowned for. Twice in Munich – Our addresses:

Heßstr. 90, 80797 München

German course with accommodation in Munich – Accommodation Service

We will find the right accommodation in Munich. Accommodation with a host family, a room in a shared apartment, a hostel or hotel in Munich. Further information here!

Learn German in Germany​: Studying in Munich and visa for Germany

In case you need a visa, we are willing to help you. There are special visa issued to those who take part in a language course – do not hesitate to enquire how we can be of help in your case. More information here.

German Course in Munich with Cultural Programme

Our school does not only provide German classes but is proud to offer a variety of free time activities which will help our students get a glimpse of what German culture and everyday life is all about.

German Courses in Munich - Learning German in Germany
German course with internship in Munich

German course with internship in Munich

There is also the opportunity to combine your German course with an internship in Munich. Learn the German languge and apply it – this is ideal!

Other interesting courses

Test DaF Preparation Courses, German Conversation and Grammar Courses, Summer Courses

Our German teacher in Munich

All our teachers are qualified, motivated and willing to show you the beauty of the German language. Enjoy your stay at our school which is located near a beautiful park. An unforgettable experience is waiting for you!

Why learn German in Munich?

Learn German in Munich in the language school Aktiv. German courses for beginners and advanced A1, A2, B1, B2, C1. Small groups fast success. Reasons to learn German in Munich.

German language school in Munich
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