TestDaF Preparation Courses in Munich!

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At Sprachschule Aktiv, we offer courses to help students prepare for language proficiency exams. We have teachers that know everything about TestDaF and can give you a step by step guide to getting the best mark. Combining reading, writing, listening and speaking, our engaging, intensive courses are the most comprehensive way to prepare!

TestDaF Preparation Courses in Munich

Recognised all over Germany!

TestDaF (Test Deutsch als Fremdsprache, English: Test of German as a Foreign Language) is a language proficiency exam used mainly by universities to ensure applicants have a high enough level of German to study or work there. The test is recognised by all German universities and, as it is valid for life, can be used as professional proof of your German proficiency. The TestDaF assesses every aspect of participant’s German knowledge, and at Sprachschule Aktiv, we try to make sure that you are confident and ready in each of these areas.

Reading Comprehension

A mixture of textbook examples and questions from previous TestDaF examinations will be used to make sure the participant can understand what they are reading. Exercises will also be used to ensure that the participant can extract useful and relevant information from the text and use it to answer questions.

Listening Comprehension

This section will test the participants ability to listen and understand what is being said. In the TestDaF, this information is usually relevant to university, and our teachers will use CD’s and dialogues to make sure that the participant can understand and take specific details from conversations or lectures.

Written Production

Of course writing is an important part of university life, so this part of the TestDaF aims to test that by making participants write a structured essay and a detailed description under timed conditions. Teachers will use examples from previous TestDaF tests and can even correct practice pieces which you might already have written.

Oral Production

Participants will be tested on their ability to talk spontaneously about a range of topics related to university. This is where an experienced native-German speaking teacher is invaluable! You will take part in a variety of role-plays and speaking exercises to improve your vocabulary, pronunciation and fluency in German!

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Flexible, personalised German courses to suit you!

We all have strengths and weaknesses. Some of us might have difficulty with the notorious German grammar, while others might find speaking spontaneously hard. We appreciate that everyone is different, and therefore all of our courses at Sprachschule Aktiv are completely flexible. If you have a particular topic or theme that you would like to focus on, let your teacher know as soon as possible and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Courses available for all language tests!

While TestDaF is the most common language test in Germany, it is by no means the only one. Some universities, for example, require applicants to complete their own German proficiency tests, while many use the DSH (Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang, in English: German Language Examination for University Entrance) to make sure student’s German knowledge is up to scratch. At Sprachschule Aktiv, we can help you prepare for any of these courses! Simply get in touch and we’ll be able to find a teacher just for you.

Apply for a Student Visa

When you register for any course at Sprachschule Aktiv, you can then apply for a Student Visa. This allows non-EU Citizens to live and study in Germany for a certain length of time. Study with us and then use your free time to explore what Munich and the rest of Germany have to offer!

Help and Support whenever you need it

Moving to a new place can be difficult, particularly when you don’t feel confident in speaking the language. At Sprachschule Aktiv, our friendly, multilingual staff are alway available to help you with whatever problems you might have. Whether you are having problems with your visa or Anmeldung (registration, which is compulsory across the whole of Germany) or simply just want some advice on where to spend your free time after your TestDaF and how to get there, let us know and we will do our best to help you out!

Language proficiency exams can be scary, but they need not be! Take a preparation course with Sprachschule Aktiv to boost your confidence in all aspects of German and get you ready to pass that language test with flying colours!

We are here for you!

Learning a new language can seem like a daunting prospect, but here at Sprachschule Aktiv, we aim to teach you a functional knowledge of the German language in just four short weeks!