German Summer Courses in Munich!

Learn German in Germany with one of our intensive Summer Courses

Our intensive summer courses are perfect for children who want to learn a language during their school holidays, students on summer break and even students from abroad! In just four intensive weeks, students will increase their language level. But as this is a summer course, we don’t want our lessons to feel like school! Students will learn with fun games and activities. All of our teachers are native speakers and experts at language learning, so your lessons will be engaging, authentic and enjoyable!


Learn the language and live the culture!

With one of our Summer Courses, not only will you be able to learn or improve your German language skills, you will also experience the real Germany. And as the country of such great artists as Goethe and Beethoven, Germany is not short on culture! Take a trip to the beautiful Neuschwanstein Castle, have some traditional Bavarian food at the famous Hofbräuhaus or simply have a walk around the enormous Deutsches Museum, the biggest museum in the world!

Why learn German?

German is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, with more than 100 million speakers. Not only that, but it is one of the most important international languages for trade and business. Learning a language can help you stand out to employers and academic staff, but is also a fantastic personal experience!

Research shows that learning a second language can improve your memory, perceptiveness and intelligence, so what are you waiting for? There’s no better way to spend your summer than learning German in Munich!

German Summer Courses in Munich

Spend summer learning German abroad!

There is no better way to learn a language than spending time abroad. Intensive Summer Courses are the perfect way for international students to study abroad in Germany and experience the rich and different cultures available in Munich. Here at Sprachschule Aktiv we have a team of experienced, international, multi-lingual staff who will be able to help you get to know the city and German customs, while also being able to address you in your native tongue to make sure you feel as comfortable and confident as possible. Our courses also permit you to apply for a study abroad visa. Develop your language skills on the go by using new vocabulary on a day to day basis, in a way that would be completely impossible at home. Studying abroad with Sprachschule Aktiv is a unique and rewarding experience, so get in touch to find out more!

Our Summer Courses are offered at varying levels, so there is something for everyone! Learn basic yet practical German in one of our beginners courses, improve your German language and grammar skills in our intermediate class or learn more specialized vocabulary in preparation for work, study or an exam (such as TestDaF, DSH or University entrance examinations) in our expert course! If you have some previous knowledge of German and want to see which class would be right for you, either complete the application text on our website or drop by our school in Munich (in Heßstraße 90) for a free consultation! Our friendly and multi-lingual staff are available to answer all of your questions in your native language, and can help arrange extra-curricular trips, provide recommendations for excursions and put you in touch with a native German tandem partner to help you further your learning outside of school hours and beyond the end of the course.

Enrollment is possible through the ‘registration’ page on our website or in person at our language school in the centre of Munich. Spend summer learning German here in Munich with Sprachschule Aktiv.

We are here for you!

Learning a new language can seem like a daunting prospect, but here at Sprachschule Aktiv, we aim to teach you a functional knowledge of the German language in just four short weeks!