10 advices to create a good work atmosphere in Germany

We collected 10 tips to help you creating a good work atmosphere in Germany:

-Always be friendly: say hi when you arrive at work, smile, that makes you feel better among the others

-Be polite: never forget to say “thank you” or “please”

-Be open-minded. You need to be aware that people are different and that everyone has its own characteristics and belief, especially when people come from a different background. You have to be cosmopolite to accept others and to work in a peaceful and nice atmosphere.

-It is also very important to have empathy even if it is not easy. It is the ability to recognize and understand feelings or each other’s emotions. In this way you can create a good work atmosphere.

-Be respectful: Treat your colleague in an appropriate way and fix limits so that you do not overstep the professional area.

-Be careful.You need to know when and how to say something. For instance, would it be better talking to someone without implying other people?

-Be professional: even if you are not all nice, you should never mix work and private life; in any case you have to be polite.

-Flexibility: behave like others as they should behave with you. Even if you are living a hard moment; be patient for the common good and for the company. The flexibility is also a way of creating a better relationship with people.

-Team work: it is very important to be able to work in a team with colleagues. It is not always possible to work alone, it is essential to share your own idea with others, to find compromise and never forget to express your point of view. Team work can offer a lot of advantages: if everyone does its best, this can make the work more efficient.

-Try to help each other if you can. It is always good to support someone when he needs it. Always remember that you could be in the same situation.

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