Discover the surroundings of Munich with the S-Bahn

 Munich is a dynamic metropole. With the S-Bahn, you can discover easily Munich area. The trains are running every 20 minutes from the city centre on the main line from Ostbahnhof and Donnersberger Brücke. One of the main stop in the city centre of Munich is Marienplatz. Explore the interesting sightseeing places close to Munich. Learning German and discover the surroundings of Munich with the S-Bahn!

With the S1 to Freising

After Freising, you can go far from Munich. You can go to Freising train station and then the city centre is very close, only 10 minutes walking. The main street is very animated and is a mixture of tradition with numerous students. The university campus is also quite interesting. From only 20 minutes from the Mayor house of Freising you can reach the mountain Weihenstephaner. The small way up is worth it with a wonderful view over Freising and Munich airport. If you have time you can also stop by the eldest brewery in the world. In the comfortable guesthouse « Auditorium 14 » you can meet not only students but also teachers. It is an international gathering of languages and Bavarian lifestyle.

In the South of Munich, take the S2 until Holzkirchen

If you take the S-Bahn until Holzkirchen you are already in the beginning of the Alps. The view on the mountains is very impressive and if you want to hike you can go into a train going from the Oberlandbahn. Houses were renovated with a lot of dedication. There are also religious paintings to admire and you can also listen to the brouhaha voices of the Stammtisch. If you take a different way from the main station you can also pass small farms, houses with modern architectures.

Relaxing time- with the S8 from at Ammersee until Herrsching

The Lake Amer is the only big pre-Alpine lake reachable by S-BAhn. Take the S8 and immerse yourself into the Bavarian lifestyle. You should do a boat tour on the Ammer Lake. There is a fresh wind so you should rather bring a jacket with you. Herrsching hosts a lot of artists, agencies and edition houses. If you take the bus, you can also reach Andechs monastery. The hearth of the traditional kitchen and the beer from the monastery are part of the visits of the monastery. Make a day trip before going back to Munich in the evening.

Discover Munich surrounding and learn German- our German

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