German Food-10 recipes to try

German food is extremely diverse and tasty. Here you can find a list of 10 German meals that you should better try to appreciate them.

  • The Street-food

this could be a good alternative if you do not want to seat in a restaurant or to try a delicious food without spending too much money. Bretzels and sausages can be bought everywhere and the “take away” Turkish restaurants are also very tasty.

  • Ratskeller

These are places where you can order typically German meals in the evening. There are not expensive and adapt themselves to the ones that want to eat quickly and cheap.

  • The curse of the cucumber

in the German food, the cucumber is everywhere! Even if you ordered a small sandwich, it is never without a cucumber. So if you do not like it, always remember to mention it when you order your food.

  • Christmas market

For Christmas, you can visit all those beautiful markets and enjoy a delicious food! You can find everything: candies, potatoes, cakes…

  • Salads

German are really good at making salads, they know how to mix the right ingredients to create a delicious salad.

  • Soups

As winter is long in Germany, people are used to eat something warm to keep their body warm. Soups are always very tasty.

  • Warm wine

this kind of wine is typical from the north and very easy to prepare. Normally, the wine (red or white) is mixed with sugar and spices and served warm.

  • Fishes from the Northern sea

In the North, of course, fish farming is very common. There, you can eat fresh fish in a sandwich for an affordable price. It is as well very easy to prepare: cut a small bread, fill it with fish (herring or salmon), onions, cucumber and salad. In cities like Hamburg or Kiel, there are many kiosks selling them.

  • Spatzle

they are prepared with fresh pasta and looks a bit like gnocchi. They are typical German “noodle” and could be served in many different ways.

German Food-10 recipes to try- enjoy it!

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