Discover Italy – 10 must-seen in Italy

This blog informs you about our tips, how to  discover Italy and introduces the 10 must-seen in Italy.

Civita di Bagnoregio

The main characteristic of this city is its location on a roc in the Latium region. Vou can only reach it through a long bridge. The city was created 2500 years ago close to the Bolsena d’Etruscan lake. The city had 5 main doors but today only the door Santa Maria remains preserved. It is a wonderful place where times seem to have stopped.

Marmores waterfall

In this place, the strength of the fall matches the romance of the water. This natural park in Umbria, close to Terni, is one of the main touristic attraction of the region. In this heaven, you can hike in the nature and listen to the perfection of the sound of water.

The island of Favignana

An island from the Egadi Archipelago that can be compared to the Maldives. A beautiful lake, separated from wild nature in the province of Trapani in Sicily. Calcata A typical village in the province of Viterbe in the Latium. Here you can find both a wonderful panorama and many handcrafts objects. You can explore the beautiful valley by foot or riding a horse.

The trulli in Alberobello

In the beautiful area of the Puglia, in the province of Bari is the beautiful city of Alberobello which has very typical houses: the trulli. They belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage. These houses are a perfect example of the popular Italian architecture. This shapes manages to keep the inside cool in summer and warm in winter.

Colli Euganei

The Euganei hills are a group of hills located in the south of Padua. There, you can walk through the wineyards, visit small boutiques or beautiful villas and relax in one of the numerous spas.


Viganella, the place of the artificial sun. An ambitious work to solve a famous problem: the lack of sun in the mountains. Viganella has a mirror installed on top of the mountain to reflect the light of the sun. This attracts a lot of different tourists every year.


The city was abandoned in 1880 after an earthquake. No one lived there until 1950 when a community of artists created an international community. The medieval atmosphere was well preserved.

Iseo Lake

Iseo Lake is the fourth biggest lake in the north of Italy. Like Come Lake, it is located in Lombardi, between Brescia and Bergamo. You should probably visit one of the two cities.

Monte Grappa

The mountains of the Monte Grappa are located in the mountains of Venetia and their highest summit is 1775 meters high. During the first and second World War, Monte Grappa was a battle field between Italian and Austrian. At the summit, there is a war memorial and museum.

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