What to do After Your German Course?

Let’s head to the English Garden “Englischer Garten”!

When in a new city, especially in one where you are still learning the language, can seem isolating. You are often times confused or unsure of what to do or where to go. In Munich there is a million and one things to do. What to do After Your German Course? Let’s head to the English Garden “Englischer Garten”! While in the city, the English Garden is absolutely worth a visit. The English Garden is 3.75 km2 on the west bank of the Isar river and is one of the world’s largest parks. The English Garden is named after the garden’s landscape. Friedrich Ludwig of Sckell used this as a model to design the park when he had taken over. The park is absolute must-see when in Munich.

Free Time and Learning German!

The English Garden in Munich is the first park in Europe of its size that allowed tourists and other visitors. The English Garden is on the world’s most spacious inner-city parks. It is extremely popular with locals and visitors alike.

Due to World War II, the city decided to build the Lanstenstraße in the 1940s. After the war, there was a connection between the Isarring through the a four-lane main street that separates the park from the north (the Hirschau) and the southern part (the original English garden). The southern section was developed and now faces the city center. This area of the park is about (130 hectare). This part of the park is visited daily by many visitors as a wellness oasis. They come to let go of their daily stresses and concerns. In the northern part of the city, is the section that is less visited and is about 245 (hectare) and it is surprising close to the Isar River! It is in fact three kilometers parallel to this section of the park.

The southern end of the park is where the ice stream (Eisbach) and the Schwabinger Bach flow into the English Garden until they unite and later separate. As it goes from the Eisbach until the Oberstjägermeisterbach, it branches off and flows onward. A large part of the English Garden is consequently crossed by three streams that are roughly parallel to one another.

The great Kleinhesseloher lake that is 8.46 (hectare), is artistically designed and is situated south of the Isarring. This is where both the English Garten Park limit and the Kleinhesseloher lake separate.

Sights to See in the English Garden

In the English Garden, there are not just sights to see. There are so many places that are definitely worth checking out! The “Chinese Tower” (Chinesische Turm), “Japanese Teahouse” (Japanische Teehaus), and the Rumford House (Rumfordhaus) are true works of art.

The Rumford House (Rumfordhaus)

The Rumford House (Rumfordhaus) was built in 1791 and was designed for serving 150 guests during splendid and extravagant dinners. After World War II, the building was renovated. It was also known under the name of “Natural and Cultural Meeting Point”, in German ‘Natur- und Kulturtreff’

The Chinese Tower (Chinesische Turm)

The Chinese Tower (Chinesische Turm) is a wooden structure with a height of 25 meters and has a pagoda style. During the years of 1789 and 1790, the building was finally built. Unfortunately due to the bombing raids in July 1944, the building was burnt down several times. The structure was always reconstructed to the original form and design. Directly on the Chinese Tower, you will find the second biggest beer garden in the city. It was a capacity of hosting 7,000 visitors. During Christmas time, you will find a Christmas market. There is no better way to enjoy the holidays than drinking malt wine (Glühwein) with friends and loved ones.

The Japanese Teahouse (Japanische Teehaus) and the Japanese Garden (Japanische Garten) are from the 1972 Olympic Games that were hosted by Munich. Due to the existing partnership with Sapporo, the Winter Olympics venue encouraged the building of the teahouse. It is located on a man-made island behind the House of Art (Das Haus der Kunst) in the southern end of the garden in 1969.  You can always find traditional tea ceremonies here.

A Spot for Rest and Relaxation

The English Garden is visited daily by many visitors, which love to see the wonderful park and all of its hidden gems. Although there are many adventurers that pass through, many come to take advantage of the time to relax. It is common to see joggers passing by readers and yoga enthusiasts in summer. The beer garden located at the Chinese tower is one of the most beloved and popular places within the garden to visit.

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